Funny like ha ha

Idol Worship, 2007

UK artist Laura Keeble has a great sense of humor. Her subtle but effective installations focus on issues such as consumerism, religion, and power, and cause the viewer to question our belief systems. Click on the picture to view it larger.

Forgotten something!?,2007

(It took her one month and 6522 Swarovski crystals to make a replica of For the Love of God, but she could have just bought one at Z Gallerie for $24.95).

Christmas Shopping, 2007

(They came bearing the gifts of gold, Chanel No. 5, and myrrh)

Goods Friday, 2008

  1. TEXTSTYLES on Tuesday 6, 2009

    chanel in the graveyard

    you seen Zeitgeist?

  2. Vaneska on Tuesday 6, 2009

    the movie about terrorism? no, but should i?

  3. like the flu on Tuesday 6, 2009


    i love the christmas shopping with those monster looking things

  4. Vaneska on Tuesday 6, 2009

    they’re the three wise men bearing gifts to baby jesus