I recently read in Fantastic Man that art dealer Javier Peres loves to drink a German Cola brand called Afri-Cola. According to the brand’s wiki page, Afri-Cola has been around since 1931, but has continuously struggled to compete against Coca-Cola (they invented Santa Claus, how do you compete with that?). During the Nazi reigme, Afri-Cola’s founder accused Coca-Cola of anti-Semitism and developed bottlecaps with Kosher signs in hopes of appealing to the German public. In the 1960′s, the brand hired graphic designer/photographer/”Prince of Space” Charles Wilp to remake Afri-Cola’s image. The resulting campaign is what I imagine a Friday night at Andy Warhol’s factory must have looked like:

You can read more about Afri-Cola on Kanye West’s blog too.

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