VV Cuties


Doesn’t she kind of look like Chloe Sevigny?


Nicole of Oh Dina!


Larissa and Steph of Huxley General 


I’ve been looking for a “Blossom hat” all year



Sarah and I shared a table. All the money I made I spent on new vintage clothing.


Travis and LBC. Travis was selling his Jeremy Scott blazer!

Thank you to all the lovely vendors and volunteers! Thank you to Danah for the pictures and the unexpected (but much appreciated) help!  If you are interested in participating at the Summer 2009 Edition of the Toronto Vintage Fashion Bazaar, please contact me at vanessa@studio.to.

  1. D on Sunday 31, 2009

    you are so very welcome! oh and one more thing, never call it unexpected. the yuppie’s always there for friends!

  2. the new deference on Sunday 31, 2009

    type “texas twins bath” into google image search – moderate safe search off. mwa… the new deference

  3. Hannah Sider on Sunday 31, 2009

    i tried to come out last night. i hope it went well!

  4. lara on Sunday 31, 2009

    i think that heart jacket used to be mine re:travis photo

  5. Vaneska on Sunday 31, 2009

    you’re right. i remember seeing it at your garage sale