Trailer for the 2009 Bicycle Film Festival:

Guess which letter I am (sadly, I couldn’t fit into the ‘V’).

Video directed by Marco Mucig and music by Ex-Otago.

Toronto’s BFF is happening August 19-22.

This will be your chance to finally see Where Are You Go:

“Four months on a bicycle between Cairo, Egypt and Cape Town South Africa is not your typical African safari.  En route with the Tour d’ Afrique, the world’s longest bicycle race and expedition, the Zenga Bros. (CAN) and Brian Vernor (USA) make light of this physically daunting trip by sharing a universal love of the bicycle with Africa’s roadside mechanics, sporting racers, and innumerable curious strangers.

Traveling more than 70 miles per day, 50 racers and expedition riders experienced the boundless Nubian desert of Sudan, the great majesty of Victoria Falls, and finally the cold rush of the Atlantic Ocean.

Where Are You Go captures the 7,000 mile expedition as a constant adventure full of playfulness and mysterious beauty, and is a testament to the endurance of human curiosity.”

Check out the trailer for Where Are You Go (it will give you goosebumps):

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