My Nuit Blanche 2009 top picks are:



Jeff Koons

1) Rabbit Balloon, 2007 by Jeff Koons
Toronto Eaton Centre – Trinity Way, 220 Yonge street

I missed last year’s Nuit Blanche for a trip to NYC to see the Koons‘ at the Met. Save yourself a plane ticket.

2) The Blinking Eyes of Everything, 2009 by Geoffrey Farmer
Church of the Holy Trinity, 10 Trinity Square

A multimedia installation by Geoffrey Farmer set in a church is likely to evoke a religious experience, or at the very least, cause you to hallucinate.

3) Battle Royal, 2009 by Shaun El C. Leonardo
Toronto Coach Terminal, 610 Bay street

A reenactment of the open scene in the book Battle Royal, 19 pro-wrestlers fight blindfolded until only one man is left standing. Bring your UFC-loving boyfriend.



Santiago Sierra

1) Monopoly with Real Money, 2009 by Iain Baxter
TMX Broadcast Centre Gallery – The Exchange Tower, 130 King Street West

Toronto “celebrities” (myself included!), will be playing Monopoly with $15, 000 real cash. Seeing as I’m probably the poorest of all the players (David Miller, Richard Florida, Brad J. Lamb, and K-OS are some of my contenders), I need a partner in crime to rig this game.

2) 10 Scents, 2009 by Chih-Chien Wang
Union Station – Exterior, Corner of Bay Street and Front Street (lower level)

What if instead of a rabbit hole, Alice went down the hole of portable toilet? Smelly.

3) Vodka Pool, 2009 by Dan Mihaltianu
Lobby of Commerce Court West, 25 King street W

Drown your financial woes in a reflecting pool of 80-proof vodka. This really should have been sponsored by a vodka brand.

5) NO, 2009 by Santiago Sierra

Temperance Street (East of Bay Street)

Sierra‘s Nuit Blanche installation is top-secret, but his provocative installations commonly reflect on power and capitalism. Past works include installing a gas chamber in a German synagogue, and offering drug-addicted Brazilian prostitutes their drug of choice in exchange for letting him tattoo a line across their backs.

6) How to Win the Lottery, 2009 by Melissa Brown
First Canadian Place, 100 King street W (Lower level)

NYC artist (and now self-proclaimed lottery expert) Melissa Brown will demonstrate a variety of scientific and intuitive techniques geared to winning the lottery. Jackpot!



Piotr Adas

1) Surrounded in Tears, 2004-2009 by Oswaldo Maci√°
Liberty Market Building – Atrium Corridor, 171 East Liberty Street (East Entrance)

A sound installation of 1ooo individual cries by newborn babies. Beauty or torture? You decide.

2) The Apology Project, 2009 by Maria Legault
Liberty Market Building Atrium Corridor, West, 171 East Liberty Street, Hanna Street Entrance

Hate saying “I’m sorry”? Just hire 50 people in paper bags to do it for you.

I’ll also be DJing a party at the Paddock which will feature light boxes by Piotr Adas.

  1. Chris on Tuesday 29, 2009

    That’s a pretty good preview. Not quite as snarky as Martiniboys, though:

  2. kiwi on Tuesday 29, 2009

    let’s run in to each other real soon!

  3. Vaneska on Tuesday 29, 2009

    ha! not interested in bad reviews on my personal blog. why would i waste my time talking about things i dislike? they have a great sense of humor though.

    kiwi, when u back from all your fashion travels?